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  2. gung ging gang gung ging gang gung ging gang gu-gi-ga-gung ging gang gung ging - gung ging gang gung ging
  3. Okay gamerz. So i would like this thing called "Server Admin", the reason is that the killer keeps banning me, but then i talk about his sister and mother, and who his father is, and how good his Facebook wall paper is 👍 I think you need a server admin with some bear balls you know. Please accept my ansøgning or my advokat will be in contact with you very soon😈 And if i do not get my server admin i will expose WHO AMDI'S MOTHER IS TO THE KIDS. And just so you know, i am ikke playing, n-word. 🤣
  4. Jeg søger hermed om Super Mod på TS. Styker: Guacamole nigga penis - Professionel sangskriver - Nazist i tidligere liv. Svagheder: Kender ikke Obamas efternavn - Don't know the father to the kids. Håber at i finder mig værdig som TS staff.
  5. du er virginxddd

    1. Logan


      Desværre ikke:( #Gi´OsVirginityTilbage

  6. du er virginxddd

    1. Amdi


      det er du også din fede kartoffel


  7. Hej jeg er ny her, skal vi være venner?😉


    1. Amdi


      nice friendzone

    2. Killer_bigpoint


      backer dig op her

  8. Jeg er ikke længere virgin 

  9. Whaddup tards 


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