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Exposing the scums of this community - AbyssClient

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Hello there!

If you don't want to read the entire thing (which we recommend you do) there is a TL;DR at the bottom waiting for ya.

This will be a rather lengthy post about a client you may or may not be familiar with. We're going to be talking about AbyssClient and their extremely toxic/malicious actions. Both in the source code and against other client developers. For the longest, the developers behind AbyssClient (_Unreal & Bunny) has been extremely toxic in both the modding scene, but also in-game towards other users. Many of their features is directly targeted towards hurting them and ruining their experience.

Bunny, if you see this. I don't feel sorry for you, you thought you could go around being the "big bully" here without any consequences for you. Taking other people's work and stating your shit is original. Well after this post, everyone will know what kind of person you are, what kind of paste you sell for 100$ and why to never trust you again. You are literally the scum of this community, the fact you've been around this "long" without consequences is quite impressive, but when you decide to steal from the wrong cookie jar, you will see how it really is to suffer the consequences. Truly honestly a big giant fuck you to you and your shitty client.

The reasoning for this entire exposure:

Had Bunny never posted our old source code dump in their discord for everyone to see, there would never have been a problem. This entire situation started actually months ago when they decided to make multiple videos stating why they are in general "better" then their competitors, in which they literally only talk about München.

Videos in talk:

Of course as the person I am, I had nothing against this. In fact I found it funny and even told Bunny that I loved the video, it was funny. Fast forward to a few days ago and we ourselves create a video too saying why we're better than AbyssClient, because we wanted to fire some shots back just for fun, everybody found the video fun except of course Bunny which is an oversensitive immature person. Clearly driven by his anger issues he decides to hop into this discord and create a lengthy post on München, supposedly "exposing" us for pasting and whatnot. He then resorts to post the source code which was just an old dump from December last year.

Our video:

Eventually I got notified about this when I woke up the next morning and I was like, wtf? I went in there to check myself and in fact they were right! Bunny went on a rage spree about München. Keep in mind this has not been the first time Bunny has done something as stupid as this. He has multiple times "exposed" other clients in the past for absolutely invalid reasons which really puts him in a bad spot. One clear scandal about this being Nocturnal which is made by Edward7.

I don't remember the exact reason for their initial drama but the point being here that Bunny resorted to "cracking" the client (it was unobfuscated btw), went into his preciously little discord and made an announcement about how we would resell Nocturnal as a "remaster", with better performance, features, etc...

Obviously everyone with a logical mind clearly knows that this shit is extremely fucking scummy. You take something that is not yours and you resell it because you're a trash human. Of course I wasn't okay with this and I was considering taking action against them there, but I never did because I didn't feel like starting more drama. Fast forward to this event and I had my last straw. This is what you get for being a scummy person.

Bunny & _Unreal as a whole:

For everyone that has been around long enough knows that they're extremely toxic people that has nothing on their mind but causing mayhem in the community. This is obviously evident by the way they behave in other client discords and in their own. They have a literal "wall of shame" text channel for shaming people for event the slightest things and their users will gladly accept anything just to let their aggressions out on anyone else but themselves. Occasionally they will post not just in there, but in announcements as well tagging everyone to do more "exposing". This can be backed up by the announcement they posted on München because of the simple joke we did in which he got butthurt and resorted to posting an old dump of our client from December last year.

_Unreal as a person is not the attention seeker between these two, he is usually in the background just "developing" on the client. Who am I kidding? As evident later on in this post you'll see why their entire client is not to be trusted, and why to never buy it ever. Shortly said is that a major amount of the features is directly pasted off public repos and some is even stolen straight out of dumps from other clients. Nothing much is known about him apart from that.

Bunny is the main antagonist here. He is the literal face of Abyss and the reason why so many hate them in the first place. I am sure _Unreal is a fine person (apart from all the pasting). But Bunny is just outright a very horrible person to be around. Ask around everyone that has been in their discord, there is nothing but drama 24/7 between Bunny and everyone, that is partly due to him always "cracking" other clients to "expose" them. Or make memes about other clients, telling them they're shit. Or calling people out for not agreeing with him. He is driven by his huge selfishness and ego, has nothing good to say about any other than him and _Unreal, and again, if you disagree with him, you're permbanned from his discord and you will be put on his "wall of shame" for a stupid reason.

If it isn't obvious by now, then you can probably imagine that every major client out there hates both of them, they do nothing good for this community and even goes against anyone and everyone, they're pretty much on their own.

The Downfall of Abyss:

Back in the third quarter of 2021. Abyss start growing in popularity for reasons unknown to me. But the reason it caught every client developers attention was because of the absolutely horrendous user interface they had created on the old quickmenu.

Their old quickmenu:

After this, many people began digging into what Abyss really was, some even went as far as cracking it and looked through the code, this was the first time Abyss got cracked btw. It then came to our attention that not only did they have multiple skidded features from public repos. Nope, they had multiple features from other clients too which will be listed below.

- Not using Emm anymore in their source code

After their first crack, people started finding multiple files which was stolen directly from a reversed dump of EmmVRC. One of those particular files contained code which communicated with their avatar database. Now since then Bunny has claimed that he is not using it anymore and even went as far as saying they got permission from the developers themselves (which is evidently false considering Abyss is a toxic and malicious client which they would never associate with)

Bunny's claim:

Now yet again. His shit got cracked AGAIN and what a fucking surprise! He STILL uses emmVRC's avatar database despite saying he doesn't, still without permission btw!

https://i.gyazo.com/d1041b7bbc1e5e13390763d06de8ba7e.png - this one is funny, it says "Imagine using Emm VRC". Yeah right, imagine using their code? xD

- Bunny claiming other people's work are pasted while defending that his own is not

Bunny's claim:

Oh boy will this be funny. As you can tell in that screenshot, he is claiming that their anticrash is definitely not "pasted". While we literally have all the necessary proof on that it infact is. Looking through their dumped code just reveals too many red flags regarding this and honestly it was a bigger goldmine than I had ever imagined.


Pasted from:

Other pasted stuff:
https://i.gyazo.com/ac16821c2528777aef62e95b58d253b1.png - Reuploader
https://i.gyazo.com/b0f6313e294d04f18bfd9b81e58c8977.png - Reuploader 2
https://i.gyazo.com/e1a11be07bca0c20f1d038a14c84deff.png - Portal Safety from AdvancedSafety

Yeah right, your "anticrash" is totally not pasted from Knah's AdvancedSafety. Not much more is needed to be said about this, you have all the proof needed here. They literally took Knah's entire BundleVerifier and smacked it inside of Abyss, and keep in mind they sell this shit for 100$ while you can get it for free from fucking github! Scummy!

- Low effort client, high effort obfuscation - highly unoptimized fps!

This entire dump process has actually been easier than we ever thought it was. Obviously they have every known program used to dump memory modules blacklisted, but we just created our own and started getting to work. We got all their dlls dumped but we realized something very early on. We weren't able to check them through due to PE and NT headers being erased from memory. Now that is obviously not good as they contain valuable information. So after repairing them, the only obstacle left was their overengineered obfuscation. Clearly they're hiding something right?

This was no easy process, and tbh it was one of the most annoying obfuscations to ever work with since not many people use this type of obfuscation, but it was not bad, we just had to grind through it. During this process, it also became evident that due to the heavy amount of obfuscation used by them, everybody who complained about low fps was probably due to this. A normal client with obfuscation would probably only have around maybe 5000 functions maximum in their entire code, even after obfuscation. While deobfuscating Abyss, we found out that there were nearly 200k+ fucking functions total in use. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Think about that for a second, one feature could easily eat up 50 - 100 functions alone which takes a fuckton of processing time to get through, that is seriously fucked up. Not just that but Bunny yet again claimed that his client was better optimized than Munchen, yet that is completely false in this case. Judging by this alone, we can easily assume that they are incredibly scared of their paste of a client got cracked, that they would rather spend time making it hard to crack than working on actual features, since they don't want to lose those easily earned 100$.


- Other minor exposes



All of the aforementioned topics about Abyss should clearly be enough evidence to prove them and their actions wrong. They're untrustworthy scummy people that are taking credit for other people's work, not to mention they're charging 100$ for something that is widely available on github, all they're doing is just pasting it all blindly together and hoping for the best. They should never have had the amount of customers they had in the first place, nor the reputation. It took this long for them to build up their ego enough to start drama with the wrong people which ultimately led to them being cracked and exposed to the fullest for having a VERY pasted client. Whatever you're seeing from Bunny from now on should be taken with a grain of salt, he is obviously gonna try and respond to this but it should not be trusted.

For everyone that want a good laugh or just want the source code to their entire skidded work. Here you go, I will be attaching their dll file to this post for everyone to download and enjoy for themselves, look through the code with something like DnSpy which we also used, then you can really judge for yourself if this client is really worth those 100$ or not. *Spoiler alert* it isn't

I would like to encourage everyone reading this post to share it with everybody they know, including AbyssClient owners so they can get rid of it and start using something more trustworthy. If you're new to the client scene and are considering getting Abyss. Don't, just don't. 100$ for something you can get for free on github is just outright a scam and this type of behaviour needs to be stopped immediately.

Download Abyss cracked here:

- Abyss comes on market for a 100$
- Abyss leaked several clients in the past for "pasting"
- Abyss continues to paste themselves while claiming they don't
- Everybody finally had enough and cracks Abyss
- Strong evidence of pasting and suspicious activity
- Abyss should not be purchased or used for 100$

This post will be updated on a rolling basis once more and more evidence gets provided of their clear pasting and scummy behaviour.

Thanks to the amazing people who were a part of this. It wouldn't have been happening without you!
- AstroBoy
- Solo
- Autumn
- Pc Princial
- All the other people who helped checking through the dump
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